Monoprinting is a form of print making where an image is printed once. There are many types of monoprinting such as woodblock printing, lithography, and etching. We will be exploring what is called making a monotype which is a printed image made by drawing or painting on a smooth surface. Most of the ink or paint is removed during the first press. A second press or ghost print is possible but will appear as a much lighter image.

Class Description:

We will explore a variety of ways to create monoprints. Some of our materials can be found in the home. And some materials may need to be purchased. But most of our materials will not be too costly.

We will print our drawings, find patterns and textures, and create interesting marks onto hand painted papers.

We will compare the different printed marks and determine which techniques works best for our own art.

Let’s be inspired by nature, printing botanicals, landscapes, and abstract imagery. Students will also work on developing their own artistic style through composition and personal color palettes.

Students will create a series of small, 5x7 and or 8x10 works as well as work on one large piece. 

Julia Tova Malakoff was fortunate to be able to explore the arts before the digital age. Growing up in Iowa, where there were very long winters, Julia used the indoor season to create. She wrote stories and poems, painted pictures, photographed her family and their life in a college town. Her hands were always moving and her hunger for the creative arts continued to grow. Julia graduated with degrees in English/Writing and Advertising from Virginia Commonwealth University. Julia started her own artist agency called, Envoy Creative Consultants. She represented commercial artists and photographers, landing them local and national level accounts. Julia has returned to her creative roots and is writing and painting once more. Her original mixed media fine art pieces is available for purchase at the Reston Art Gallery & Studios at the Lake Anne Village Center in Reston, Virginia. Julia's original art in the form of wall art, greeting cards, prints, apparel and other gifts can be purchased at

Artistic Philosophy: Mixed media art has allowed me to grow as an artist by giving me permission to play with styles using a variety of tools, colors, and mediums. By experimenting, I have come to realize that there are not mistakes in this practice. There are only answers. And with this philosophy in mind, I created my class called, Make Your Mark, which encourages artists to explore the intriguing world of mixed media. My work is textured, combining hand painted papers with acrylics, inks, drawing tools, mediums and mark making tools. I enjoy the process of creating visual stories through the textures and layers.


Instagram: @juliamalakoffart

FB: @juliamalakoffart

Youtube: Julia Malakoff Art

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